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The Right Honourable
The Earl of Caithness PC

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Clan Sinclair Association Canada

The Earl of Caithness, Chief of Clan Sinclair

Welcome to the website of Clan Sinclair of Canada. It is not just a Sinclair site, but also one for everyone, as there are many septs to the Clan and many friends.

My association with the Sinclairs in Canada is a very special one. I met Edward Sinclair — father of Rory, the Past President of Clan Sinclair Association Canada — in 1978 just after he had set up the Association. Also at the meeting was David Sinclair Bouschor, from the United States, and Edward encouraged both of us to follow his example. David did but I did not, as I was then recently married, as well as living and working in England. However there are now Clan Associations in Caithness as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

From that acorn of a beginning Edward's work has been carried forward and there is now a thriving Association in Canada with branches in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Western Canada.

Enjoy the site.


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