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Clan Sinclair Association Canada (CSAC) welcomes all those who share an interest in furthering research into the family name of Sinclair.

The Patron of Clan Sinclair Association Canada is the hereditary chief of Clan Sinclair, the Earl of Caithness. Click here to read his welcome message.

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An ongoing enterprise for CSAC is seeing that Prince Henry Sinclair receives his rightful place in history, as an early visitor to the New World whose exemplary conduct with aboriginal peoples was six centuries ahead of his time. In July of 1998, Clan Sinclair Association Canada co–sponsored a celebration in Guysborough, Nova Scotia to mark the 600th anniversary of Prince Henry's landfall in 1398.

In addition, the Association and its local organizations — the Nova Scotia Society, the Ontario section, and the Western Canada branch — hold gatherings and meetings at which fellowship and good cheer are the main ingredients. Events are announced in our newsletter, Roslin O Roslin, which is sent out to CSAC members quarterly.

Clan members share historical and genealogical information, often through the newsletter.

The Clan is represented at Highland Games during the summer, especially in Ontario. The local organizations hold their own regular meetings, and every four years there is a National Clan Gathering for the election of officers but mainly for meeting and greeting old friends.

Annual membership dues are $15.00 for individuals and $20.00 for families (in Canadian dollars), for the calendar year. To join, and begin receiving Roslin O Roslin, click on the Application Form, print and mail a completed copy with your cheque or money order to the CSAC Secretary.


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